St Jude's Catholic Primary School

St Jude's Catholic Primary School

"Together, we learn, love and grow with Jesus"

Our Fundraising

Friday 18th March 2022 - Today we supported ' Comic Relief '. We wore red to school and collected donations for the charity. 

November 2021 - Year 6 sold 'Poppy' merchandise to support the British Legion.  At 11am on the 11th, we held a 2 minute silence to remember those who have lost their lives in conflicts. 

19th November 2021 - Today we supported 'Children in Need'.  We wore yellow clothing or spots to school.  We also raised money to donate to the Children in Need charity.

Harvest 2022 - We each brought into school food which was made into hampers to donate to 'The Brick Project', a local charity. 


Our school council and staff wanted to makeover our current outside spiritual area and create a spiritual garden. Through fundraising, our school community have raised enough money and construction will begin at the start of the summer term. This area will be used for Collective Worship and silent reflection.

This is a fantastic achievement. Well Done St Jude's!