St Jude's Catholic Primary School

St Jude's Catholic Primary School

"Together, we learn, love and grow with Jesus"

At St. Jude's we are working towards achieving the Live Simply Aware from CAFOD. 


The LiveSimply award is an opportunity for our school community
to respond to the Church’s call to live simply, sustainably and in
solidarity with the world’s poorest. It is an invitation to follow in the
footsteps of Jesus who lived and preached a simple life, and to take
meaningful action on the ecological crisis we face today.


To live simply is to set an intentional path towards slowing down, finding
time to be with God, consuming less, connecting with the natural world,
finding happiness and joy in the things that really matter, discovering a more
meaningful life and opening our hearts to the needs of others.
This work takes time, this is why the LiveSimply award is designed as a journey
for your school to take throughout the year, to help your students to find ways
of living more simply, helping them to grow and flourish as individuals.


Have a look at the actions we have started in school. 

Collecting for local food bank at Harvest Thanksgiving. 

Living in Solidarity.

We held a mass in school and members of our parish attended also.  We collected food for Community Grocery and a visitor from Community Grocery spoke to us about giving to those in need in our local community.

'The Big Lent Walk'.   

Focus on solidarity.

We are currently raising money for CAFOD by taking part in the CAFOD Big Lent Walk.  At the end of Lent children will participate in mass with the parish and reflect on fasting and giving to others during Lent.