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St Jude's Catholic Primary School

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  School Uniform and Standards

The school uniform proudly identifies St Jude’s pupils.  A badged sweater or cardigan and a PE hoodie is required and can only be bought from one of our uniform stockists.  We do have a selection of pre-loved sweaters, cardigans and hoodies available in school on our uniform rail.

The ‘badged’ components of the uniform are available from Slaters and AC Sports in Pemberton.  All other items i.e. polo shirts, trousers, skirts and shorts can be bought from most supermarkets or children’s clothing shops. Our uniform consists of;


Girls' Uniform

  • Grey skirt OR grey pinafore OR traditional grey trousers 
  • White polo shirt (school emblem optional);
  • *Navy blue round neck sweatshirt/cardigan with school badge;
  • Grey or navy-blue socks or tights;
  • Sensible black shoes (no trainers or sandals);
  • Warm outdoor coat/hat/gloves in winter.
  • Book bag
  • Year 6 only – white shirt/blouse, a ‘v’ neck sweatshirt or cardigan with school emblem and a St Jude’s tie;

A light blue gingham summer dress may be worn in the summer term. 

*As an option, the grey skirt/pinafore/trousers may be replaced by a St Jude's tartan skirt or pinafore.  However, these are only available from Slaters. 


Boys' Uniform

  • Traditional grey trousers;
  • White polo shirt (school emblem optional);
  • *Navy blue round neck sweatshirt with school emblem;
  • Grey or black school socks;
  • Sensible plain black shoes (no trainers);
  • Warm outdoor coat/hat/gloves in winter.
  • Book bag
  • Year 6 only – white shirt with a ‘v’ neck sweatshirt with school emblem and a St Jude’s tie;

Traditional short grey trousers may be worn in the summer term. 

PE Uniform

  • *Navy St Jude’s logo hoodie;
  • Plain navy blue T-shirt or *Navy St Jude’s logo sports T-shirt;
  • Navy-blue shorts / joggers / leggings (no brands or logos visible);
  • Navy-blue or black socks;
  • Black pumps or trainers

In the winter months we advise that children wear leggings or jogging trousers

 Your child’s teacher will inform you when your child’s ‘PE day’ is.  On the specified day, your child should wear their PE uniform to school. 

 *** Please ensure ALL uniform items are labelled ***


  • No jewellery, including earrings. Any child wearing earrings will be asked to remove them.
  • No extreme haircuts, including patterns, colouring, ‘shaved’ hair, excessive use of hair products or false hair.
  • Hair bobbles and clips should be navy blue, in keeping with school uniform. Large bows are not permitted.
  • No make-up or nail polish (including false nails, false tan or other enhancements).
  • No electronic/smart watches.


School Book Bag

As part of our school uniform, every child from Reception through to the end of Year 6 requires a book bag. Each day children should bring their book bag to school where it will be stored safely. 

Book bags provide a safe place for children to keep their school diary, reading book and any letters. They also reduce the wear and tear on reading books. 

Book bags should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. A small keyring may be attached to the handle to help the child to identify their bag. 


Pre-loved Uniform Rail

We have a selection of pre-loved uniform.  The rail is placed out on Friday mornings and during school events, for anyone to browse.  If you wish to pop into the school office at any time, we are more than happy to take you to the rail to choose any items you might require. Or, give us a call and tell us what you need and we will see if we have what you need.  



Slaters sell all items of our uniform including our 'St Jude's tartan' items.

Address: Eckersley Mill, Swan Meadow Rd, Wigan WN3 5BD

Tel: 01942 244426



AC Sports 

Address: 789 Ormskirk Rd, Pemberton, Wigan WN5 8HE

Tel: 01942 216537