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Welcome to reception class

Welcome to our Reception Class Information Page. On this page you will find our curriculum plan, our latest termly class newsletter, details of our homework projects for this half term and any other information about what we will be doing soon! At the bottom of this page is our news and photo gallery.

In Reception Class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework is based upon four themes:

  • A Unique Child – developing resilient, capable, confident and self assured individuals
  • Positive Relationships – supporting the children in becoming strong and independent self assured individuals
  • Enabling Environments – where opportunities respond to individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/carers
  • Learning and Development – acknowledging that children learn in different ways and at different rates

More information on the EYFS framework and how it is delivered at St Jude's is included in our Early Years Policy which can be found on our General Policies page.  

Curriculum Plan and Homework

So that you everyone knows what we will be learning about this year, below is our curriculum plan for Autumn 1 and Autumn 2. 

To support our classroom learning, each half term Miss Oxenham will give us a project to complete at home.  Our homework projects will be displayed at the half termly parents' coffee morning so that so that everyone can see! 

Below is our homework information for this half term:-

Outdoor Learning 

Each half term we will have at least one lesson outside.  




Autumn 1

Expressive arts and designs

Mixing different coloured paints in the puddles to explore what colours they make.

Autumn 2


Shape hunt around school/outside, children to look for 2D/3D shapes.

Spring 1


Children to search for the hidden Gruffalo’s outside and use positional language to describe where it is.

Spring 2

Understanding the world

Walk around local environment and discuss the features -What do you see on your way to school?

Summer 1


Read the clues around school to find the missing coins- link to Pirate topic.

Summer 2

  Understanding the world

Mini-beast hunt around school- children to look for different mini-beasts and build homes for them using natural resources.  

Termly Class Newsletter

Each term Miss Oxenham will send parents a newsletter.  Here is our most recent newsletter:-

Happening this term in YR...

During Autumn term we are participating in the 'CHIME' project.  'CHIME' stands for 'Creating Happy and Imaginative Music Environments'. 

As a class we are experiencing a broad range of musical experiences, combining singing, listening and playing skills. 

The CHIME scheme underpins and makes natural links with the three prime areas of the EYFS framework:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
Communication and Language (complimenting phonics teaching)
Physical Development (complimenting Write Dance programme)


Reception Class News and Photo Gallery


W/E 13th March 2020

Reception have had a really busy week, they have been learning about sea creatures and were so excited to get two fishes, they have decided to call them 'Freddie' and 'Flo' 

We have also got caterpillars and are looking forward to observing how they change from caterpillars to butterflies. 

Reception also had a visit from our local police officer and were excited to learn all about his role as a police officer, they had the opportunities to look at a real police car and turn on the sirens. 

31st January 2020

Over the last two weeks the children have been learning the 'three little pigs' story through talk for write. The children enjoyed making their own homes for the pigs and exploring different materials to use. 

They took part in hot seating and pretending to be the pigs/wolf. They enjoyed exploring the beebots and inputting instructions to make it move. 

2nd December 2019

Our visit to see Santa at Scotsman's Flash

17th October 2019

Our Homework Exhibition 

1st October 2019


13th September 2019 

Above are some photos of YR's learning and adventures during their first two weeks at St Jude's. From today they are all full-time!


If you have any questions or would like any further information about the curriculum or how you can further support your child's learning at home then please speak to your child's class teacher.  

If you would like any copies of the documents on this page, the school office will be happy to print them for you.  

Worsley Mesnes Drive, Wigan, Lancashire WN3 5AN

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