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Welcome to Reception Class

Welcome to our Reception Class Information Page. On this page you will find our curriculum plan, our latest termly class newsletter, details of our homework projects for this half term and any other information about what we will be doing soon! At the bottom of this page is our news and photo gallery.

In Reception Class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework is based upon four themes:

  • A Unique Child – developing resilient, capable, confident and self assured individuals
  • Positive Relationships – supporting the children in becoming strong and independent self assured individuals
  • Enabling Environments – where opportunities respond to individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/carers
  • Learning and Development – acknowledging that children learn in different ways and at different rates

More information on the EYFS framework and how it is delivered at St Jude's is included in our Early Years Policy which can be found on our General Policies page.  

Curriculum Plan and Homework

So that you everyone knows what we will be learning about this year, below is our curriculum plan. 

Termly Class Newsletter

Each term Miss Oxenham will send parents a newsletter.  Here is our most recent newsletter:-

What are Reception learning this term?

 Phonics and reading


Systematic synthetic daily phonics is taught following the Read Write Inc Programme throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1, beginning in the summer term of Pre-school. Pupils are grouped according to ability across the year groups. Progress is tracked throughout the year by the early reading and phonics lead and groupings are adjusted accordingly. Pupils in Year 1 have a National Phonics Screening Test in June. Pupils who do not achieve the expected standard re-sit the test the following year when they are in Y2.
When pupils complete the Read Write Inc phonics programme they begin 'No-nonsense spelling'.  This programme is taught throughout Key Stage 2.  If children complete the Read Write Inc programme and still require extra support with phonics in Key Stage 2 they receive  Read Write Inc intervention (Fast Track tutoring - Year 3 & 4 and Fresh Start - Year 5 & 6)

We use the Read Write Inc reading scheme throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1 where books are fully decodable and correlate with where the child is up to in the scheme.  Children are also sent home a book which is very closely matched to their reading level from Oxford Reading Tree, Project X or Floppy Phonics and a book to read for pleasure with an adult, which will be from the school library.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the curriculum or how you can further support your child's learning at home then please speak to your child's class teacher.
If you would like any copies of the documents on this page, the school office will be happy to print them for you.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the curriculum or how you can further support your child's learning at home then please speak to your child's class teacher.  

If you would like any copies of the documents on this page, the school office will be happy to print them for you.  

Reception Class News & Photo Gallery


23rd May - Today Reception children have explored subtraction. They used counters, mini-beasts and numicon to solve the subtractions and had a go at writing number sentences. Children also enjoyed playing 'subtraction playdough splat'!

20th May 2022- This week we have been thinking about The Hungry Caterpillar story. We talked about the fruits from the story and the importance of heathy eating. Then, we wrote a list of fruits that we wanted to make our own fruit kebabs. We each made and ate our own fruit kebabs.  They were delicious! We made patterns with the fruit, tried new flavours and used words to describe how they smelled, looked and tasted.

12th May - Today, we were visited by our 'buddies' from Year 6.  

4th MayToday our caterpillars arrived and we are really excited to watch them grow. We have made predictions about what we think will happen to them.

Wednesday 20th April 2022 - we had an amazing Pirate themed day and was joined by Captain DanTastic. We dressed up as pirates and learned all about pirates and parts of a pirate ship. We also looked at some pirate treasures, had a go at holding a pirate sword and joined in with some pirate songs.

15th March - Reception class have been investigating different materials to find out which ones are magnetic. They used magnets to find their own magnetic materials around the classroom.
We also discussed the key words 'attract' and 'repel'.

11th FebruaryThis week we started our new topic on 'Pirates'. We made our own pirate ship using crates and have designed and made our own pirate flags. We enjoyed pretending to be pirates and acting out storylines using the props and pirate ship. We have also had a go at making our own pirate maps and we are looking forward to going on a treasure hunt.

Wednesday 26th January - This week we have started to learn the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children have been making their own maps of Little Red Riding Hood's journey to Grandma's house. They have also took part in role playing the story. 

Thursday 25th November -  Reception Class visited 'Imagine That!', a science and discovery centre in Liverpool. They played and dressed up in the role play area, painted a full sized car and fridge magnets in the art area, explored the science area and made snow, then watched experiments and made their own slime and bath bombs! Everyone had a fantastic day and the children were a credit to St Jude's.

Wednesday 24th NovemberToday we had 'No Pens Wednesday'. This was a day when we could all concentrate on our speaking, listening and communication skills. 

Friday 19th November - Today we have been supporting Children in Need by wearing yellow and spots! We have also been colouring in our own Pudsey pictures.  

Thursday 18th November - Reception have been learning about shadows and have enjoyed exploring making their own shadows. 

Thursday 4th November - As part of our RE curriculum we have been learning about Hinduism and the celebration of Diwali. Last week we took part in a Diwali workshop and listened to the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed dressing up in traditional costumes.

Tuesday 2nd November -  Today we went on an autumn walk. We talked about the signs of autumn and the children collected leaves, conkers, sticks. We used these to make our own autumn pictures and patterns. 

Friday 22nd October - Today YR have enjoyed making their own vegetable soup. We talked about healthy eating and the children wrote a list of the vegetables they wanted to use to make their soup. 

Friday 15th October - This week, we learned about 2D shapes and their properties. The children all went on a shape hunt around school, we made our own shapes using lolly sticks and took part in shape bingo. 

Wednesday 13th October - We have been learning about Baptism in RE and enjoyed role playing a baptism.

12th October 2021 - 

In Maths the children have been exploring making the number 3 in different ways and have been using the part, part, whole method to make 3. 

 We have also been looking at the artist Acrimboldo and his fruit portraits and have had a go at making our own portraits. 

 In PE we explored making different body shapes. 

Wednesday 29th September - This morning, Lynn, a retired nurse visited Reception Class and Preschool. Lynn told the children about the role of nurses in our community and we all practiced putting on a bandage! We can add nurses to our list of Superheroes! 

Monday 27th September  - Last week, the children were exploring the creative area and using the junk modelling to make their own models. 

Tuesday 21st September - Today, Reception Class children met with their Year 6 'buddies'. 

Friday 17th September - This week, Reception have been learning about the body and making their own skeletons, self portraits and labelling body parts.