St Jude's Catholic Primary School

St Jude's Catholic Primary School

"Together, we learn, love and grow with Jesus"

Religious Education at St Jude's

At St Jude's Catholic Primary School we offer a curriculum intended to embrace not only the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, but one, which also promotes the spiritual, cultural, moral and physical development of our pupils.

 We endeavour to fulfil our role as a Catholic School by following the Diocesan Religious Education syllabus 'Come and See'. More than this though, our Religious Education plays a central and vital part in all that we do as we try to live out our faith in our daily lives.


At St. Jude’s, Religious Education is central to the whole curriculum. The beliefs and values studied, inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of our Catholic School.  Religious Education is for all and is a collaborative activity, which respects and promotes the child’s innate capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and imagination.

We aim to educate the whole person. We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Have a closer relationship with God; reflecting upon their personal experiences and learning, discerning their Faith within a supportive environment.
  • Are given the opportunity to engage with their Faith at a deeper level.
  • Achieve well and enjoy their learning in Religious Education.
  • Deepen their religious understanding and are able to communicate this effectively with us.
  • Develop their awareness of other faiths, in order to respect and understand them.
  • Develop their skills in relating their Catholic faith to everyday life


The curriculum for Religious Education at St Jude’s is taught using ‘Come and See’, as recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Central to the programme are three basic human questions and three Christian beliefs that are the Church’s response in faith.

Where do I come from?       Life <> Creation

Who am I?                               Dignity <> Incarnation

Why am I here?                      Purpose <> Redemption


In Come and See, these big questions are considered in the light of the Scriptures and Tradition of the Church, as expressed in the documents of the Second Vatican Council and The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The programme is developed through three Themes which are gradually explored each time at greater depths (Church, Sacrament, Christian living).  The basic question / belief for each season is explored through these three themes.

Community of faith <> Church

Celebration in ritual <> Sacraments

Way of life <> Christian Living


At St Jude’s we believe the welcoming, respectful environment - enriched in Catholic morals and teachings - continues to enhance the educational and pastoral experience of every individual passing through our doors, to ensure that they develop and become well-rounded individuals within the community, with the ambition to reach their potential and succeed.

We recognise the unique needs of each child and support them in developing the whole child. We have a supportive ethos and our approaches support the children in developing both their collaborative and independent skills.

 The impact of our Curriculum is measured in the experiences, confidence and competence of our children within the subject. We ensure children receive the experiences they require, both within and beyond the curriculum, to develop their skills and knowledge and become religiously literate young people. By revisiting and building upon religious learning, children will deepen their understanding and show the knowledge, understanding and skills (appropriate to their age and ability) to reflect spiritually and to think ethically and theologically. 

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