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Welcome to Year FIVE

Welcome to our Year 5 Information Page. On this page you will find our Y5 curriculum plan, our latest termly class newsletter, details of our homework projects for this half term and any other information about what we will be doing soon! 

Below you can also view our Year 5 News and photo gallery, which is regularly updated. 

Curriculum Plan and Homework

So that everyone knows what we will be learning about this year, below is our curriculum plan. 

To support our classroom learning, each half term Mrs Cregan will give us a homework project.  Our homework projects' will be displayed at the half termly parents' coffee morning so that  everyone can come and see our work! 

Below is our homework information for this half term:-

Outdoor Learning 

Each half term we will have at least one lesson outside.  




Autumn 1

Maths- Shape (Angles)

Shape aerobics. Children must create different irregular and regular shapes with outdoor objects. They must then colour code them labelling the shapes angles. The children must then try to make the shapes with their bodies in a game similar to ‘Simon Says’.


Autumn 2

English-The Nightmare Man

Working in the hut, blacking it out, children will take torches and tell stories about their nightmares.


Spring 1

History- Ancient Greece

Host a Y5 Olympics style event learning about the history how and where the Olympics started.


Spring 2

Science- Space

Comparing the distance between the planets in space.


Summer 1

Geography- Explorers (Maps and our environment)

Measuring the distance of the new road and looking at the impact it has/will have on the environment around it.


Summer 2

Music- Dancing in the street

‘Flash mob’ in Wigan town centre to showcase our musical learning.


Termly Class Newsletter

Each term Mrs Cregan will send parents a newsletter.  Here is our most recent newsletter:-

Coming Soon to Year 5...

To support our History topic on World War II, during Summer term we will be going on a curriculum trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters. The air raid shelters are carved into the natural sandstone cliffs which create an intriguing network of underground tunnels.  In the museum we will also be learning about how the war affected local people and the community. 

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the curriculum or how you can further support your child's learning at home then please speak to your child's class teacher.  

If you would like any copies of the documents on this page, the school office will be happy to print them for you.  

Year 5 News and Photo Gallery

3rd December 2019

Year 5 trip to Manchester Art Gallery

17th October 2019

Our Autumn1 2019 Homework Exhibition where we were tasked to make an aircraft or air raid shelter.

4th October 2019 

Another exciting science lesson for Y5 this week! Experimenting to see which materials  would dissolve in water and which materials wouldn’t. Super work Y5!

 3rd October 2019

Y5 enjoying a fun and active PE session with Wigan Athletic Community Trust today! The children have been working on their balancing and coordination skills. Keep up the hard work Y5!

20th September 2019

Laycie and Reece had a great trip walking to the shop this morning. They were learning all about Road Safety and the purpose of a postcard. They even bought themselves something from the shop, giving money and waiting for their change.



9th September 2019

To introduce Y5’s new topic of ‘Changes and Properties of Materials’ we conducted an experiment to test different materials to see whether these materials were transparent, hard, flexible, permeable or magnetic.



6th September 2019

Year 5 had a great lesson on Tuesday afternoon learning about different angles. They made different acute, right and obtuse angles with their bodies and even made a whole class angle!



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