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Welcome to Year Five

Welcome to our Year 5 Information Page. On this page you will find our Y5 Long term plan, our latest termly class newsletter, details of our homework project for this half term and any other relevant information.

Long Term Plan

Below is the plan showing the topics taught through the year. Please see the curriculum subject pages for more information regarding the topics.

Termly Class Newsletter

Below is the relevant information that you will need for this term. If you have any further questions please see the class teacher.

Half Termly Homework Project

Alongside weekly class homework, a half termly homework project will be set to support classroom learning. Below is this half terms project.

Phonics and Reading

Systematic synthetic daily phonics is taught following the Read Write Inc Programme throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1, beginning in the summer term of Pre-school. Pupils are grouped according to ability across the year groups. Progress is tracked throughout the year by the early reading and phonics lead and groupings are adjusted accordingly. Pupils in Year 1 have a National Phonics Screening Test in June. Pupils who do not achieve the expected standard re-sit the test the following year when they are in Y2.  Fast track tutoring will be used as an intervention when required to support early reading and writing. 
When pupils complete the Read Write Inc phonics programme they begin 'No-nonsense spelling'.  This programme is taught throughout Key Stage 2. 

We use the Read Write Inc reading scheme throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1 where books are fully decodable and correlate with where the child is up to in the scheme.  Children are also sent home a book which is closely matched to their reading level from Oxford Reading Tree, Project X or Floppy Phonics and a book to read for pleasure with an adult, which will be from the school library.


In Key Stage 2 the reading schemes used are Oxford Ready Tree Treetops and Literacy World.  Children also visit the school library each week and take a book home to enjoy with an adult. 

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the curriculum or how you can further support your child's learning at home then please speak to your child's class teacher.  

If you would like any copies of the documents on this page, the school office will be happy to print them for you.  

Year 5 News and Gallery 


Year 5 are taking part in team games during our PE lessons this half term. They practised hand co-ordination and had to work well as part of a team. 


Year 5 have been practising the Spanish alphabet and learning new graphemes and phonemes. 


Olaf came to visit to tell us his saga. He shared some artefacts with us; we helped him pack his chest for a journey across the ocean; braved an ocean storm while sleeping on a creaking longship and undertook a series of challenges to test our speed, strength and skill before re-enacting a battle between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Olaf told us stories about the God's of Asgard and even enjoyed a feast with us! 


'I really enjoyed when we fought as the Vikings against the Anglo-Saxons in a battle. We (the Vikings) chanted FREEDOM and the Anglo-Saxons chanted ENGLAND.' - Zak


'I enjoyed practising battle formation and re-enacting the battle.' - Jack 


'I enjoyed the story at the end of the day because it was funny when Loki transformed shape into a female horse.' - Finley 


'I like the saga at the end of the day because we heard about Thor.' - Chelsea 



Today we have been inputting data about the planets into our Excel databases. 


Year 5 have been exploring sculptures by the artist Joan Miro. We experimented with various recycled objects to try to replicate some of these sculptures.

Year 5 shared what we have been learning in our Come and See lessons. We have been discussing how we are all unique and understanding the importance of appreciating our differences. 


Year 5 took part in a creative building workshop, which allowed them to explore various methods of strengthening structures while building bridges


This half term we have been using code to create music. The software we have used includes Chrome Music Lab and Isle of Tune. We edited music, developed musical composition and refined our ideas through reflection and discussion.


In Art we have been drawing plants and flowers in the style of Henri Rousseau. We have explored the skills of blending, shading and use of tone to add detail to our drawings. 


This half term, Year 5 have been creating music using code. We have explored various software including: Isle of Tune, Scratch and Microbit. We used samples of music to create our own compositions using algorithms. 


During our science topic, properties and changes of materials, Year 5 chose a question they wanted to investigate in relation to thermal insulators. They carried out their investigations in groups, recording and analysing their results.