St Jude's Catholic Primary School

St Jude's Catholic Primary School

"Together, we learn, love and grow with Jesus"

School Meals  

We have children in school with serious nut allergies.  We try, as far as possible, to be a 'nut free school'.    Please do not send your child with a lunch box or snack which contains nuts i.e. Nutella treat bars, peanut butter sandwiches etc.

EVOLVE - Dinner Ordering and Payment 

Children may bring a packed lunch to school or have a freshly prepared lunch from the school kitchen.  If your child requires a school lunch then it MUST be ordered in advance, by 8.45 am, using 'EVOLVE' our dinner ordering and payment system. If your child is entitled to a free meal then no payment will be required BUT the meal must still be chosen and ordered in advance. 

You will require an activation code (available from the school office) and you will need to set up an account. Please see below for instructions: 

National School Breakfast Programme 

We are proud to be a NSBP School. St Jude's joined the National School Breakfast Programme in November 2018. The Programme is delivered by the charities 'Family Action' and 'Magic Breakfast'. 

As a NSBP School we are pleased to offer a healthy schoolbreakfast, available to all, and enjoy the benefits that brings, with children settled and ready to learn at the start of the school day.

St Jude's would like to express a big thank you to Family Action and Magic Breakfast for allowing us to participate in the NSBP scheme.

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Since September 2014, all children in Reception, year 1 and year 2 in England are eligible for a Universal Infant Free School Meal.

School meals will give your child a real appetite for learning and help them to achieve their full potential. They can enjoy delicious, healthy meals without the bills and the fuss of making packed lunches.

There is nothing healthier for your child and your family’s budget than free school meals.

All our meals meet nutritional standards and our professional cooks prepare the meals for your child; it saves you having to worry about the effort and expense of making packed lunches every day.


Free School Meals 

Free school meals are provided for children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits. To check whether your child is eligible and/or to make a claim please call in at The Life Centre, Wigan or complete the online form,

At St Jude's Primary School we use a cashless dinner system to record who has a school dinner.  This means nobody knows who has a free or paid meal.

Your child does not have to have school dinners but if you register they could still be entitled to other benefits such as free milk, school uniform allowance, music lessons etc.

If you require help with completing any forms, need to use our telephone or you do not have access to the internet please speak to the school office in confidence and we will only be too happy to help you.


Food Allergens

Food allergens can be life threatening. If your child has a food allergy the only way we can manage it is to avoid the foods that make them ill.

There are 14 major allergens which need to be declared:
 Cereals containing gluten namely wheat (such as spelt and Khorasan wheat), barley, rye and oats
 Crustaceans like prawns, crabs, lobster and crayfish etc.
 Eggs
 Fish
 Peanuts
 Soybeans
 Milk
 Nuts namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio, cashew or Macadamia
 Celery
 Mustard
 Sesame
 Sulphur dioxide / sulphites (where added and is >10mg/kg in the finished product. Often found in dried fruit )
 Lupin
 Molluscs like clams, scallops, squid, mussels, oysters and snails etc.


Allergies and Food Intolerances at School

Some of our lunch menu items may contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. Please update EVOLVE with your child's allergies (settings>allergies), this will remove any food choices which contain the allergens.  Please also inform the school office, so that your child's pupil records can be updated.